Final Typefaces from the 2011–2012 Type@Cooper Extended Program


Inspired by Czech designer Jaroslav Benda

Benda is an homage to the Czech designer Jaroslav Benda, and a reinterpretation of his 1952 typeface Betu. It maintains the lankiness and bounce of the source, but was adjusted for more consistency in the stress, serifs and proportions. Alternate glyphs for text-friendly settings were designed to replace some of the novel characters in the original specimen. Although not ideal for small sizes, this is a tightly set rhythmic face fun in larger settings—with plenty of personality to spare.

Donald Partyka

Donald Partyka is the Creative Director of the policy journal Americas Quarterly, which he launched in 2007 and still oversees. Previously he has art directed numerous consumer and academic magazines, including the National Magazine Award-winning Linguafranca. Other recent projects include the design of the monograph "Typography, Referenced," and consulting on information graphics for McGraw-Hill. A graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design, he is also an adjunct faculty member at The City College of New York.

Benda Benda Benda Benda