Final Typefaces from the 2011–2012 Type@Cooper Extended Program


A crisp, elegant, and feminine geometric sans.

Brightcut is a crisp, elegant, and feminine geometric sans in three weights, plus italic. Inspired by, and dedicated to, leading ladies of the 20th century, Brightcut features confident curves and pithy corners that borrow from the brightcut engraving technique and the strokes of a broad-nib pen. At once classic and modern, Brightcut is great for book jackets, editorial, posters, luxury, and wit.

Elizabeth Carey Smith

Elizabeth Carey Smith has been a graphic designer for more than ten years, and specializes in designing text-heavy publications and information graphics. Her love of letters is lifelong, and her cultivation of great penmanship earned her a pretty penny in high school, when it was discovered she could forge permission slips. She runs the design studio, The Letter Office, and teaches typography and design at City College. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter.

Brightcut Brightcut Brightcut