Final Typefaces from the 2011–2012 Type@Cooper Extended Program


Designed with contrasts in mind.

Denali is a text face designed with contrasts in mind. Modulation in stroke reflects a calligraphic tone, while contrast in form takes inspiration from smooth glacier flows, angular switchbacks and footed stone arches. Denali’s condensed form enables flexibility in copyfitting. Its relatively large x-height improves readability in small sizes. Stoke contrast add to its distinctiveness in larger sizes.

Josh Levi

Hailing from the great state of Michigan, Joshua moved to New York City in 2005, working in identity design at Landor Associates. In 2008 Joshua was awarded a Fabrica Fellowship, at the Benetton Group's communication's research center in Treviso, Italy. There, he worked with a range of NGO's, museums, and social organizations. Following his residency he served as a designer and art director for Colors Magazine. Returning to New York in late 2010, Joshua has partnered independently with a range of clients and design organizations, focused primarily with technology, publishing, retail, social and cultural activity.

Denali Denali Denali Denali