Final Typefaces from the 2011–2012 Type@Cooper Extended Program


A display typeface of elongated proportions and graceful terminals.

Galea is a slightly condensed serif typeface with long extenders. Its elongated proportions and graceful terminals seek to bring femininity and elegance to any layout. Galea is a display face that works well at large sizes in editorial contexts as a headline, titling or introduction to a text. The typeface is featured in the upcoming book "Playing with Type: 50 Experiments" by Rockport Press. Current weights and styles: Display & Display Italic, Display Bold and Display Black. Coming soon(ish): Display Bold Italic and Display Black Italic.

Isabel Urbina

Isabel Urbina is a freelance Graphic Designer from Venezuela, based in Brooklyn, NY. She has worked for C&G Partners LLC, American Museum of Natural History and Museo Contemporáneo de Caracas, among others. Her passion for reading, drawing and letters led her to graffiti, graphic and type design. She loves books and secretly hoards prints of all sizes and formats.

Galea Galea Galea Galea