Final Typefaces from the 2011–2012 Type@Cooper Extended Program


A friendly, versatile squarish sans.

Neighbor is a squarish, rounded sans serif typeface with a friendly disposition. It celebrates the inherent warmth of wood type, but with a distinctly modern sensibility. Its underlying square-based structure combined with its attractive curves seek to bring balance to the resulting forms. Developed in response to a desire for less rigid conformation to the square, its forms are quite energetic, warm, and confidently rounded. Neighbor is ideal for headlines and editorial publications, but is capable of clarity at smaller sizes. A wide range of weights from an airy light weight to a robust ultra black provide a wide range of expressive voices.

Alonzo Felix

Alonzo Felix is a designer at Oak Studios, based out of Studiomates in sunny DUMBO, Brooklyn. After earning a BFA in graphic design at LSU he studied typographic application and theory in London. His ongoing fascination with language and letterforms, process, and curiosity led him to the Cooper Type program. Alonzo is interested in the overlaps between design and other fields like architecture and anthropology. He favors the classics from Miles Davis to hot dogs and is a sriracha enthusiast.

Neighbor Neighbor