Final Typefaces from the 2011–2012 Type@Cooper Extended Program


Always taken for granite...

The Quarry type family explores the boundaries between curvature and flatness. Long arcs are broken and flattened while straight segments are fragmented and manipulated to imply gentle curvature. Gaining influence from the typography of Czech designers like Preissig and Menhart, Quarry is a contemporary investigation of the balance between dynamic shape and expression with regularity and evenness. Large point sizes showcase the nuanced and energetic details of the face while setting it at smaller sizes reveals an even color with warmth and more subdued character.

Blake Olmstead

Blake Olmstead is a drinker of tea, a crosser of words, a petter of cats, and designer of things. In his free time he's likely to be found watering plants, watching for birds, or strolling through the galleries and museums of New York City. While the city lights are grand, he'll always miss the stars.

Quarry Quarry Quarry Quarry Quarry