Final Typefaces from the 2011–2012 Type@Cooper Extended Program

Reguat Display

Slightly narrow for excellent fit at larger sizes.

Reguat Display (pronounced like regatta) is designed for versatility. Its relaxed friendliness and independent spirit complements any design. Evolving from letterforms originally drawn with a broad-edged pen, its outer contours are squarish while its counters are rounded. An addition to the family will include a range of text weights, perfect companions for Reguat Display. Use for all things magazines, newspapers, advertisements, book and report covers, banners, signage: headline and subheads, intros and leaders of any size and shape, pull quotes, initial caps, callouts, bugs and sigs.

Karen Parry

A graphic designer for over 25 years, Karen Parry is founder of Black Graphics which specializes in print and web design for nonprofits. Her work has won numerous awards and been published in a variety of design books and magazines. She also teaches graphic design and typography courses. Australian-born and daughter of a signwriter, she has lived and worked across the globe (Berlin, Sydney, London and San Francisco). In 2008 she happily settled in New York.

Reguat Display Reguat Display Reguat Display Reguat Display