Final Typefaces from the 2011–2012 Type@Cooper Extended Program


For lovers of books and tellers of stories.

Spright is a lively typeface in the tradition of fairy tales and fables. As a children's book designer, I recognized the need for a typeface that evokes the timeless magic and whimsy of classic storytelling, without being informal or childish. It features a tall x-height for maximum readability by nightlight or flashlight under the covers, uniquely animated serifs to bring any story to life, and a spirited Italic to compliment the Book. Spright was selected to appear in the Communication Arts Typography Annual 3 (January/February 2013).

Erin Fitzsimmons

Erin Fitzsimmons is a book designer, aspiring type designer, and hand-letterer in her spare time; or, in other words, a girl who likes type a bit too much. She prefers to letter in pencil, and cross words in pen. She lives in Brooklyn.

Spright Spright Spright