Final Typefaces from the 2011–2012 Type@Cooper Extended Program


A sans-serif that fits in the palm of your hand.

Designed as a casual sans serif type family with screen legibility in mind, telesync reads best small. It can be appreciated for its gentle tapered terminals in larger sizes.

Astrida Valigorsky

Astrida Valigorsky spent the early part of her career as an award-winning interactive creative director. These days, she calls herself a 'designer', as her interests are too varied to be constrained within a single design discipline. The past year has seen her design her first type family, consult on the branding & fabrication of a new line of jewelry, speak about a 'jello piano' she co-created at China's MakerFaire, and invent a stage for the second annual Open Hardware Summit conference. Every few weeks you can find her teaching a laser cutter workshop at NYCResistor in Brooklyn. Eventually Astrida hopes to improve her 'faulty memory'-- and thereby abbreviate her habit of blurting out lengthy observations on the historical origin of various typographic and graphic design motifs.

Telesync Telesync Telesync